Handmade Turkish Jewelry

Gettin' Down with the Royals!

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So are you one of those people really into bling?! If so, we got some really special pieces that just came in for the holiday season.  Each necklace features beautiful semi-precious stones such as ruby, garnet, emerald, onyx, pearl and cubic zirconium . They make great statement pieces that can really complete a rather plain ensemble. Take a look and if you see anything you like, come into our brick and mortar store in NYC! All these pieces are lovingly handmade in Turkey and feature beautiful Arabic calligraphy and other unique designs. 

Holy Hamsa: Part Deux

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Hey there so we have been making a ton of new hamsa motif jewelry! Check out the new necklaces, earrings and other cool hamsa related things we now have. The hamsa is a symbol of protection so wear it when you need a little bit of extra good luck! We think it's a great gift to give to someone you care about :)


New Fall Styles are in!

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Hey so it's been awhile since we had our last post, and we wanted to show off some of our latest and greatest new editions! We have great new Fall colors of Tura Coin Necklaces, plums, forrest greens, ruby reds, and greenish blacks! So please take a look.

Vintage Oasis-Jazz Age on Governor's Island

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So this past weekend we were vendors at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island in NYC. Basically, its a weekend dedicated to all things 1920s. You dress in your best 1920s gear, dance the Charleston, while sipping delicious beverages like sangria! We had a blast selling items from our sister store BrowNY, which is our vintage counterpart.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the event!


Inspiration: Longwood Gardens

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So what kind of blog would this be if we didn't talk a little about our day to day inspirations? We recently went to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania this past weekend, and it was truly amazing! I love the history behind it, how it was purchased and owned by the DuPont family in the early 1900s and transformed into what it is today. Nature is so beautiful and we wanted to share that beauty!  A lot of our inspiration for the Bonjuk jewelry comes from history (tura coins), nature (stones and minerals) and all sorts of other exciting things! I mean look at the "eye fountain", does that not look like a Turkish evil eye?!

Latest Edition: GUN METAL TURA

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So we have a brand spankin' new tura necklace design which we like to call the Gun Metal style because of the awesome looking chain. These bad boys are great worn alone or layered up with another necklace or two. These things are FLYING out fast so come get yours quick!



Crystals on display...

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Hey there! So we found a great way to display our awesome stacking rings and we'd like to share it with you. Thanks to our friends at Crystals of India, we have these awesome Rose Quartz stones to stack up on! Rose quartz has all sorts of healing and metaphysical qualities and usually is referred to as the "love stone". It's also said to invoke feelings such as kindness, compassion and self love. You can find some great stones on their site to put in your home or office. What a nice way to store your Bonjuk ring collection?!

We got an Instagram!

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So we're a little late on the Instagram band wagon, but better late then never right?? If you like our jewelry, why not share the love and follow us? We'll be posting all sorts of fun stuff and our latest handmade editions, like this awesome chain metal tura bracelet. So find us on Instagram at bonjukjewelry! Much love to you all :)

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What's a Tura??

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So as you can see we have a lot of small gold coins in our jewelry. You may be wondering what they mean and where they originated from. These small coins are called a tura or tughra coin and are Ottoman empire currency replicas. The tura would feature the calligraphic monogram, seal or signature of an Ottoman sultan that was affixed to all official documents and correspondence, so it would be similar to a family's crest or seal that you would use on official documents. The tura was designed at the beginning of the sultan's reign and was drawn by the court calligrapher. Every Ottoman sultan had his own individual tura.  How cool is that?!



Holy Hamsa!

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Do you like hamsas? Well we sure do here at Bonjuk! The hamsa is a symbol that's been around for many ages and appears in many different cultures, from Middle Eastern to Judaica. The hamsa is a symbol of protection against the evil eye. Sounds like something we all could use!