Handmade Turkish Jewelry

Bonjuk is a new company which was founded in early 2014 by Metin and Julie Erinc. Bonjuk means little glass bead in Turkish. Metin, who is originally from Turkey, makes the jewelry in his home country. Most of the jewelry is 22 karat gold plated over bronze and real stones, all of which is handmade in our jewelry workshop.

The Erincs also sell directly to customers through their own retail stores located in New York City. 

One store is vintage, called Brow.NY Intl and is headed by Julie (her passion is vintage everything!) and the other is called Boutique 51, which features most things handmade and contemporary. Once their daughter Aylin graduated from college in Philadelphia, she moved to the city to support them with their new retail business, helping them to run the stores and online website. 

Now with Bonjuk, they are dedicated to making unique and fresh pieces that are reflective of Turkish culture-colorful, warm, modern yet rooted in history. These pieces are not only cute and well made, but also affordable! We sell both retail and wholesale, too (we’re worldwide).